Laara Sergeant

Laara Sergeant

A little about me.

What inspired you to become a Support Coordinator? To me, it’s an ideal blend of practical assistance and therapeutic conversation. My aim is to ensure individuals feel listened to, understood, and supported, knowing there’s someone in their corner actively advocating for them. I’ve always sought to assist practically, particularly those individuals or families facing challenges or dealing with health issues.

How long have you been working in this space, and what do you enjoy most about it? My background is primarily in Clinical fields, Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology, where I’ve coordinated multidisciplinary supports and delivered education to Medicare, Aged Care and NDIS Participants. I find fulfillment in the practical and organisational aspects of care and solution finding, as they align with my strengths, yet what I truly cherish is guiding our Participants through challenging times towards positive outcomes through effective team communication, coordination and solutions.

What types of support services do you specialise in or have experience with? I possess a detailed comprehension of Clinical implementation, needs identification, goal setting, strategies, solutions, reporting, compliance, education and the implementation of strategies and programs to achieve successful outcomes. My extensive experience encompasses Complex Medical and Palliative Care, ABI, EDS, POTS, CP, MND, Mental Health, Addiction, Transition from Hospital, SDA/SIL and working with children and adults dealing with the impacts of Neuro Divergences.

Can you tell me about a particularly rewarding or memorable experience you’ve had while assisting someone? I am genuine, approachable, warm and dedicated. I go above and beyond where possible and this has provided me with many rewarding and memorable experiences within my role as Support Coordinator. My goal is always to improve quality of life, I have gathered incredible feedback through the provision of support, I truly enjoy supporting people and their families.

Are there any resources or programs you find Interesting and beneficial for a lot of your participants? Each circumstance is different, I have a strong rapport and professional relationship with a large network of providers that are specialists in their fields. Participant matching with Providers is such an important and key element to the enrichment of lives. I believe wholeheartedly in a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

What do you believe are the most important qualities for a Support Coordinator to have? A genuine and warm nature with a proactive attitude who really gets to know their participant’s needs, aspirations and goals. I believe that the ability to identify needs and preempt needs, followed by making key connections between Participant's and Providers is essential in my role as a Support Coordinator to making a positive impact.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? Any hobbies or interests you’d like to share? I have been a Portrait photographer for many years, my husband and I enjoy hiking and AstroPhotography, being witness to beautiful landscapes immersed in nature, camping adventures with the kids, and supporting my kids to learn how to be caring and determined adults.

Tell us something we don’t know, but need to know?  I have a big family, most of which are Neuro Divergent and wonderfully brilliant in their individuality.


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