Kylie Walker

Kylie Walker

A little about me.

Kylie is a dedicated and compassionate individual, holding the esteemed position of Director at Healthy Emporium. Her journey into this role has been deeply rooted in personal experiences, as she witnessed firsthand the profound impact of disability on her nephew and family. This lived experience ignited a passion within Kylie, driving her to make a significant difference in the lives of those living with disabilities.

As a specialist support coordinator, Kylie firmly believes that the right support and a person-centered approach are crucial in empowering individuals to achieve their goals and lead fulfilling lives. She understands that each person’s needs are unique, and she works tirelessly to ensure that they receive tailored assistance, breaking down barriers that hinder their progress.

Kylie’s expertise extends across a wide range of complex cases, including mental health, child safety, and homelessness. She has honed her skills in navigating these sensitive areas, ensuring that those who require her support receive the utmost care and understanding.

Having amassed years of experience working with a diverse range of disabilities, Kylie possesses a deep understanding of the challenges faced by individuals and their families. She approaches her work with empathy, patience, and a commitment to enhancing the quality of life for all those she serves.

Kylie’s role as a director at Healthy Emporium is not just a profession; it is a calling driven by her lived experiences and passion for creating positive change in the disability sector. Her dedication to person-centered support, expertise in handling complex cases, and in-depth knowledge of the NDIS make her a valuable asset in improving the lives of individuals living with disabilities.

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