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Kylie is pretty knowledgeable in her area of NDIS support and makes sure her clients are well looked after in terms of care and specialist support. I would highly recommend her to any future NDIS participants who need help understanding and how to use the support system.




Kylie Walker and her team are very professional and work hard to help you. I would definitely recommend Healthy Emporium to anyone. 10 stars




They are amazing, friendly, easy going and easy to talk to! Couldn’t think of anyone else that could do their job better.



Plan Manager

Over the past 2 years I have had the pleasure of working with Kylie and her team at Healthy Emporium, and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with their exceptional support coordination services.

Kylie is a compassionate and dedicated owner who genuinely cares about her clients’ well-being. She and her team take the time to understand the needs of each individual and work tirelessly to ensure that they receive the best support possible.

What I appreciate most about Healthy Emporium is their person-centred approach to care. They go above and beyond to tailor their services to meet the unique needs of each client, and their commitment to empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their care is truly remarkable.

Overall, I highly recommend Healthy Emporium to anyone in need of support coordination services. Kylie and her team are professional, reliable, and compassionate, and they truly make a positive difference in the lives of their clients.




I have personally known Kylie for a number of years. Kylie has always demonstrated integrity, drive, knowledge and creativity in both her professional and personal life. Kylie has a lived experience with people living with a disability which will be a great asset to anyone with whom she works. I have seen Kylie assist people to work towards and achieve their goals with great success.




Kylie is everything you are looking for in a support coordinator. She is prompt, professional, and empathetic and tries to assist to the best of her ability. I highly recommend The Healthy Emporium for your support coordination needs.




Healthy Emporium is an AMAZING Company! Kylie Walker has been absolutely incredible in helping me understand NDIS. She and her team have made a huge, positive impact on my brother’s life and I am forever grateful for their assistance.




Healthy Emporium are a fantastic, participant focused Support Coordination service. As a parent of a complex needs child navigating the NDIS I could not recommend them more highly.

They are prompt and compassionate with their communication. They are extremely knowledgeable around the NDIS and are willing to provide in-depth person focused support and recommendations when working towards our NDIS goals.

I highly recommend the team at Healthy Emporium if you are looking to engage a Support Coordinator.




We are so fortunate to have Kylie as our amazing support. It can be extremely overwhelming when new supports come into your life, but I can honestly say that this was not the case with Kylie. From our very first meeting, Kylie made me feel comfortable and confident with who she was as a person and the level of support she would provide for my daughter.

Kylie has a natural understanding of what equality means. She is willing and more than happy to learn about the person she is supporting and genuinely wants to assist in ensuring a high quality of life for that person. I have found Kylie to be extremely understanding and non-judgemental of our situation and especially my daughter and her challenging behaviours. Kylie is very easy to talk to and she willingly shares her thoughts, ideas and expertise around appropriate activities, behaviour strategies and general daily living skills.

Kylie is also someone who reflects, problem solves and where necessary will often have a new or different approach so as to achieve a positive outcome for both herself and the person she is supporting.

Kylie has been an amazing fit for our family and I am so happy, comfortable and confident to have her support my daughter. I know and trust that my daughter is being cared for and supported in a safe and loving way.




I have my two siblings with Healthy Emporium as I am their legal guardian. I am also a support worker under the NDIS and always encourage my clients (if they are unhappy with their current Support Coordinator) to go with Healthy Emporium.

They are one of 3 Support Coordinator companies that I rate and the rest, unfortunately are pretty crap.

Firstly, Healthy Emporium are professional. They know their stuff, and if they don’t know their stuff they go away and find out further information.

Secondly, they are communicative. They have regular catch ups and communicate information as necessary.They send out periodic emails with information for anyone that is interested.

Thirdly, they are all about choice and control. They understand that the participant is in the drivers seat and ensure that participants know all of their rights.

Fourthly, they understand the NDIS, strategies for plan reviews, ways to use funds efficiently.

Fifthly, they are honest. They are honest about quotes that they provide you and honest about what they believe is in the participant’s best interest.

The sixth reason is that they have great relationships and understand how to do meaningful collaboration with stakeholders such as providers and clicians. Lastly, they actually care. They genuinely care about human beings, human rights and participants and their families.