Reliable & Affordable HR Services

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We will help you connect your business and your people with simple and effective HR policies

Our HR services and templates will make your business sager, stronger and more efficient.

Regardless of whether you are about to employ your first staff member or if you already have a team, we want to partner with you to create an engaged and productive workforce and watch your company go from strength to strength! 

Are you a Sole Trader?

Yes, I want to hire my first employee!

Do you have employees?

Yes, I have staff members and. I need support.

Hi, I’m Beverley

For over 25 years I have worked in and with small businesses, government bodies, entrepreneurs and start-ups in a variety of industries. My love of HR begun whilst working with a high-profile sporting body back in 2004 where I was fulfilling the role of PA to the CEO and Board. 

There was a big hole in the business with no HR support.  No documented policies and procedures. No structure in their recruitment processes.  And lots of ambiguous staffing decisions. So I stepped up, studied and took on the role of HR Advisor and never looked back.

We’re the next best thing to having your own HR officer

It is my goal to provide you with guidance, information and the correct tools so you can implement high-quality people management programs and practices in your workplace.

From defining what policies and procedures you need to have in place, recognising the type of employees you wish to have to represent your business and ensuring that they are performing to your business standards. These are not only imperative to the success of your business but essential in ensuring legislative compliance.

Custom HR

Tell us where you are in your business and we’ll guide you through your next steps.

HR Templates

Know what you need but don’t have the legal forms and documents? We’ve got you!


We have a whole bunch of free tips and information ready to share with you.

What our clients say

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